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E-Cycles X with AI Animation Denoising available now!

Hello everyone,

over several months, a complete rewrite of E-Cycles based on Cycles X has been worked on with several new features. Both updates are free for 2021 users. You can get E-Cycles 2.93.5 and E-Cycles X 3.0 with AI Animation Denoising now!

New features and improvements include:

  • State of the art performance thanks to the inclusion of Cycles X

  • AI Animation Denoising (for 3.0, example on "Reithalle" by Artur Szóstakowski using 256 spp instead of 1024)

  • Completely rewritten AI-Denoiser with even higher quality and faster denoising

  • SSAA available for final render for very crisp details

  • Light groups denoising

  • New option: denoise all passes, especially useful when saving as multi-layer EXR for compositing in third party tools

  • E-Cycles now defaults to high quality and performance settings. (A new compatibility mode to have the same defaults as Blender is offered on the splash, it is only recommended for debugging purpose or mixing frames from both Blender and E-Cycles when migrating during a project as it offers lower quality and performance, in all other cases, please disable it)

  • New portal creation tool for optimal rendering quality and faster scene setup

  • Overlay border rendering for fast iterations in your creation process. You can now render only a small portion of the image and see it over the previous render

  • Operator to copy a render to another slot. Especially powerful when used together with the new border render overlay!

Videos with a walk-through of the new features are available on my Youtube channel here and here.

If you like it, you are welcome to spread the word, it really helps!

Happy rendering!


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