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E-Cycles 2022 - Last day to get 50% off to focus on your art!

Hello everyone,

Tired of clicking, waiting and switching apps? Spend more time creating with light collections for ultra fast lightning setup, render slot duplication and render overlay for the fastest iterations workflow, portal creator for automated and optimal low noise setup, state of the art denoising for gorgeous renders in seconds and more!

You can watch the full feature tour here.

"Aquarium" by Paweł Pęcherzewski

Focus on your art and get access to the full professional feature set now, 50% off with the following coupons:

Happy rendering!



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Hello, in the last 3.1 releases I can't find the caustics option. Are those implemented? Thank you

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Hi, after a poll in the user base to know if the feature should be kept for 3.1, nobody voted to keep it. I could make an extra build with it for the official release though as the code is here already :)

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That would be great! Thank you

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Hi, the caustic builds are now available again in the "caustic builds" folder :)

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Bonjour Mathieu, Je vous écris car je ne voyais pas le moteur Optix dans l'onglet system de la version Pro 3.1 rc. Effectivement j'ai une RTX, il faut que je change de version c'est bien ça ? merci

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Bonjour Thomas, Optix est dans la version RTX, je peux vous envoyer un coupon pour le sidegrade si vous le souhaitez. Vous pouvez me contacter en répondant simplement au mail de confirmation de Gumroad "vous avez E-Cycles" ou similaire.

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