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E-Cycles 3.0 - Release Candidates builds available!

Hello everyone,

the new E-Cycles 3.0 release candidates are up!

  • new builds are available for Pro + RTX 2021 and 2022 as well as for the new $1 version.

  • includes several polishing and stability improvements. All reported bugs I had for 3.0 should now be fixed!

  • includes all the latest improvements from upstream Blender 3.0

"Sometime I think" by Gian Franco Caserta. You can see more on

3.0 brings a huge load of improvements (you can watch the tutorials playlist to see the features in action or simply watch a 3.0 feature tour). I recommend everyone to try out those builds (work on copies of your files just to be sure)! If you find any issue, you can simply answer this mail and paste a filemail or wetransfer link to the blend file to reproduce (please pack textures with file menu -> external data -> pack).

You have a few days left to get updates and support with 50% off with this coupon.

Happy rendering!



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