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E-Cycles 2.93 rc available now and new version E-Cycles 7 in development!

Hello everyone,

You can now download new builds of E-Cycles 2.93 (2021.1) with a load of improvements and polishing. Denoising was further fine tuned to deliver very high level of details on textures even at very low sample and OIDN 1.4, which came out 5 days ago is already included in the 3.0 builds!

For Pro users, I also uploaded a feature overview video to your downloads. I recommend to watch it to get the most out of E-Cycles 2.93. I also uploaded a new tutorial on the new portal creator, which will both make your render cleaner and your workflow much easier.

I got a lot of questions regarding Cycles X integration, the main question was about faster rendering of course. I started a new optimization branch called E-Cycles 7 some time ago. Currently, it provides between 1.5x and 3x faster rendering compared to Cycles X while having most of the features of E-Cycles like light groups, volumetrics, E-Cycles AI-Denoiser, etc. It also doesn't use any of the Cycles X improvements yet, so E-Cycles 7 and Cycles X could stack in the future.

I'm also working an a brand new animation denoising AI, I'll show first results also with more details on E-Cycles 7 on Twitter. You can follow @Ecycles1 if you want to follow the latest development and maybe get access to early preview builds. You are welcome to spread the word, it really helps!

Happy rendering!


PS: Graph showing how many extra GPUs E-Cycles 7 is equivalent to. On the Chocofur interior 3, E-Cycles 7 with a single RTX 3090 is as fast as Cycles X with 3x RTX 3090.

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