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E-Cycles 2.81 released!

Hello everyone,

the new E-Cycles builds based on final Blender 2.81 are available now in your downloads.

Changes since 2.80 include:

September update:

  1.  1. Completely reworked AI denoiser:

   - faster by default, particularly on multi-GPU setups

   - much better memory management thanks to a patch by Stefan Werner

   - streamlined denoiser UI

   - automatic optimizations of the denoising tree. Improves denoising and rendering speed.

 2. Faster baking:

   - baking is now up to 20x faster by taking smart decision for optimal performance.

   - baking will require a bit less memory too.

October update:

  1.  - added a remove double modifier.
  2.  - added an experimental bridge modifier.
  3.  - added bevel and crease weight to the boolean modifier for non-destructive and easy to use bevel after boolean.

November update:

  1.  - out of core Rendering for RTX (speed limited by system Ram, may require Quadros or Teslas for good performance)
  2.  - much faster rendering for RTX, now up to 2.5x faster than Blender OptiX
  3.  - further optimizations for CUDA

The course also has been updated to work on both 2.80 and 2.81.

Happy Blending!


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